Review: HEARTLESS by Willow Winters


Heartless by Willow Winters
Series: Merciless, book 2
Genre: romantic suspense
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: July 17, 2018
Rating: ★★★★ 1/2

After the ending of book #1 I needed this book to be good to me but obviously W Winters didn’t go easy on me. *crying* If you couldn’t stop freaking out over book #1 you definitely read to have this one in your life.

Where Merciless was extremely brutal and raw, Heartless was a bit (and I mean like an extremely small amount) tame. The story explored more of Carter and Aria’s relationship dynamics. Carter is still the delicious over bearing jerk anti- hero that I absolutely adore and Aria is my sweet badass baby who is ready to destroy the World.

I love these two together. Sure it’s not the most “stable” relationship but it’s real, passionate and so so hawt. I MEAN SO HAWT! Obviously nothing is easy for them because easy is for whimps. I am just flabbergasted after the cliffhanger of book #2 so if Winters could hurry and bless us with the next installment of this story, it’s be peachy af.

Hold on to your horses, y’all. Carter Cross has to much more to give. *wink wink*

4.5 Stars!


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At first, his words were harsh and his touch cold.
I knew he was a dangerous man and he could destroy me if only he wanted to.

That’s not what he wanted though.
It’s so easy to get lost in the touch of a man who’s powerful and unattainable.
A man who wants for nothing … except me.
Soft touches and stolen glances made my blood heat and my heart beat in a way I never knew it could.

Yes, it’s easy to fall into a haze of lust and desire.
But there’s a reason his reputation is one of a heartless man.
And I should have known better.

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