Review: THE HUNT – Book Bundle #2 by Liz Meldon

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The Hunt by Liz Meldon
Series: The Hunt, book bundle 2
Genre: PNR, angels/demons
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: June 29, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

I have found my new favourite PNR romance and just gaaahhh!!!!

After the horrific events that Moira went through, she and Severus decided to embark on a journey to avenge her and destroy any enemy that threatens them. Moira needs answers and Severus needs revenge, together they’ll conquer hell.

I have been waiting to read about my babies because after book #2 I needed to hug Moira and Sev. But I still wasn’t prepared for this book.


I think I have permanent heart problems after this story because that was one hell of a ride. It was everything a pnr lover could ask for. There was action, gore, brutality and such heart melting romance. I am in love with this series and honestly I can’t ever get over it.

I want to read and experience this series all over again. I wanna cry, laugh, be shocked and outright amazed once again.

Severus and Moira are just two of my most favourite people (okay okay supernatural creatures). These two are perfect for each other and I don’t think I’ve rooted for anyone like I rooted for these two.

I am once again blown away by how amazing Liz Meldon’s story – telling is. She is a sorceress. I’m sure of it.

5 Stars!


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Blink and you miss it. Blink and there’s chaos.

The Hunt: Book Bundle #2 includes the first two books in Liz Meldon’s darkly delightful paranormal romance series The Hunt. Please note that the series includes graphic content not suitable for all readers.

STALKER (Book #3)

To Hell and back again.
After her first real lesson in demonic cruelty, Moira Aurelia needs answers–and Severus craves revenge.

The only creature who can give them both is Diriel, who, having failed his mission, has fled back to Hell until the heat dies down.

Battered but not broken, Moira is ready to charge into the pit, fears be damned, because she trusts the incubus by her side–trusts him, cares for him, maybe even loves him. Severus, however, can’t stand the thought of leading his little hybrid into the abyss. Because in Hell, there isn’t just fire and brimstone and tortured human souls awaiting them, but his family, too.

And for Severus, there is no greater hell than family.

KILLER (Book #4)

The predator corners its prey, and so the hunt must end–one way or another.

Death to traitors and thieves.


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