Review: MISTER TONIGHT by Kendall Ryan

mister tonight (s)

Mister Tonight by Kendall Ryan
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: Dream Press
Publication Date: June 18, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

Kate’s life is not going as easily as she’d hoped. Recently kicked out of her apartment, she needs to find and lock down a new home. But then she unknowingly has a one night stand with her landlord which may or may not mess up her living situation even more.

Hunter’s luck with women hasn’t been so hot recently. Obviously, it’s not easy convincing women that you are a good hook-up when you have a 4 year old kid waiting for you at home. Then he meets Kate who is rocking his World but nothing worth having comes easily.

A case of blistering attraction, a single father and a commitment-phobe. What could possibly go wrong?

This was such an adorable story that I still can’t stop smiling thinking about it. I love love Kate and Hunter’s chemistry. These two can burn down a house with all the tension between them.

Kate is someone I can relate to. It’s not easy seeing people you love get hurt and it’s definitely not easy imagining the same things that can happen to you. I understood Kate’s hesitations and I was so happy and even proud of how she overcame them. I loved how confident and sassy she was. She’s make such an awesome friend.

Hunter is just the perfect dad. His devotion to Maddie made me weak in the knees. And he likes when a woman takes charge? Um can I please have 5 of him? I adore how he never rushed or hounded Kate but always understood her need for space. He never gave up just waited for Kate to see his love. GAWD I LOVE HIM!!

This story was fast paced, sexy, sweet and just a perfect romcom.

4 Stars!


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Last night was the most embarrassing night of my life.

I was that girl.

You know, the highly intoxicated chick celebrating her thirtieth birthday with her two best friends—who are happily married. And the more I drank, the more I wanted to do something reckless to celebrate.

By reckless, I mean the sexy and alluring man dressed in a business suit standing near the bar. You know his type—tall, dark, handsome. I was sure he was out of my league, but I’d had just enough alcohol that things like that no longer seemed to matter. I’m not fat, mind you, but you can tell I like french fries, so there’s that.

He took me home, and I enjoyed the hottest birthday sex of my life. Well, until it came to a screeching and rather unwelcome halt.

There’s nothing quite like being interrupted mid-ride with a little voice asking, “What are you doing to my daddy?”

Just kill me now . . . or so I thought.

Come to find out, the man I rode like a bull at the rodeo is my new landlord.

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