Review: SPEAKEASY by Sarina Bowen


Speakeasy by Sarina Bowen
Series: True North, book 5
Genre: contemporary
Publisher: Tuxbury Publishing LLC
Publication Date: May 29, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

May Shipley got the shock of her life when she casually walked into a bar only to see her partner full on making out with another person. With blinding rage ruling her she almost broke someone’s face but luckily Alec was there to escort her out and ensure the safety of those blatant cheats.

Alec has never been a huge fan of the Shipley. So why oh why can’t he stop himself from bending over backward to help out May. The other thing that makes it impossible for him to walk away is their insane chemistry. It’d be a shame to not explore it.

May believes Alec’s fun and easy going personality makes him the perfect rebound. Alec thinks he’s just here for the amazing ride. Neither was prepared for love to hit them hard.

May’s character is a bit complex with so many layers. The woman has been through so much – heartbreak, addiction, more heartbreak – it’s a given that she’d be tightly wound and highly protective of her feelings. I loved the way Alec’s personality complemented her. He showed her it’s okay to have fun, that it’s alright to just let things happen. Gaahhhh!! I adore her and her strength to overcome all the shitty stuff in her life. May is too precious, y’all!

Alec is just so bloody cheeky. I love this man! The way he flirted made me swoon so hard. On the surface he seems like the epitome of a playboy but when you actually pay attention, you’ll see that he’s just a man trying to get his life in order. His struggles were so damn real and just I wanted to hug this amazing man. Also, his dirty mind is my favourite.

I did have some trouble connecting to May in the beginning but as the story progressed I just fell in absolute love with her. She’s a class act. *heart eyes*

This was such a refreshing story with gorgeous characters. I am always in awe of Sarina’s stories and this was no exception. It was real, heart-felt and just so so beautiful. I genuinely admire the way Sarina wrote May’s character. Writing a LGBT character could not have been easy but the way she does it, it’s just brilliant.

4 Stars!

~ Sonal

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Sometimes you fall for Mr. Right. And sometimes for Mr. Right Now…

Did you hear the one about the girl who walks into a bar and catches her live-in lover kissing someone else? No? You’re the only one in town who missed it.
Luckily Alec is there to wrap me up in strong arms and carry me out the door before things get too ugly. And that’s not all Alec is good at. Our unexpected chemistry makes him the perfect rebound guy.

I should know better than to hook up with my rival’s little sister, but the fiery look in May’s eyes really turns my crank. She needs cheering up, and I’m just the guy for the job.
It’s not like I’ll fall in love. Not even after a string of scorching hot trysts, and the realization that we’re good at the same things: wild nights and familial disappointment. I don’t do love, never have, never will. So this is the perfect arrangement, for both of us.
Nobody would approve, but nobody has to know…

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