Review: SWALLOW ME WHOLE by Gemma James

swallow me whole

Swallow Me Whole by Gemma James
Genre: NA, friends-to-lovers romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: May 25, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

A friends-to-lovers romance with an eccentric twist!

I really enjoyed this book. Swallow Me Whole was quite a surprise with everything that happened in the storyline. Friends-to-lovers, a controlling father, a cheating ex, and so much more! I can’t go too much further because, ya know, spoilers and all that jazz.

But I will say this, Ashton and Sadie had insta-erotic chemistry! Wowza…I think I got first degree burns from the red-hot flames bursting between them! And the unexpected *cough* “desires” Ashton expresses pushes the heat index to combustible. Seriously, drink lots of fluids while reading as this story will burn right through you!

The character development and growth progressed wonderfully and blended perfectly with the progression of the storyline. But (and this was the only issue I had), I was slightly irritated with Sadie’s objections towards Ashton’s feelings. Yes, Ashton’s past was very “colorful” and he didn’t have the best track record (if any) with relationships. But everyone should be given the chance to show they’ve changed, right?

Swallow Me Whole was a fun and fiery quick read! If you’re looking for a smoking-hot, friends-to-lovers romance, than this is the book for you!

4 Stars!


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Sadie Sawyer wants to learn how to blow a guy. She’s my sister’s best friend. The girl I’ve known since grade school. The girl I’ve always considered off-limits.

She’s the girl that crawled under a table in a bar one night and changed everything between us. Now the brain in my pants is more than willing to step up.

The rules are simple.

No kissing.
No screwing.
No falling in love.

But the more I let her use my body in the name of experimentation, the more I know being friends isn’t enough.

Is it too much to want it all with her?

The taste of her lips.
The sweetness of her innocence.
The chance to earn her love.

I might have a real shot with her…if her douchebag ex and my past don’t ruin everything.

Swallow Me Whole is a friends-to-lovers standalone romance. Full-length at 77,000 words.

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