Review: THE HUNT by Liz Meldon

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The Hunt by Liz Meldon
Series: The Hunt, book bundle 1
Genre: PNR, angels/demons
Publisher: self publihed
Publication Date: April 18, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★


Severus has dealt with being at the bottom of social hierarchy all his long life. His kind, incubus, are considered lowly leeches at the best. Tired of all the scorn he decided to live among humans and obtain his sustenance from them. He lives his life as an escort, a perfect front for his true nature. In his line of work he he seen many unusual creatures but his entire lifetime couldn’t have prepared him for Moira.

The past year has meant drastic changes for Moira. Everything about her is different. So much so that she can’t bear to look herself in a mirror because the creature looking back isn’t her. It can’t be. Plagued with questions and unable to find answers, she just assumes that she has the same mysterious disease that took away her mother. She couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Fate brings these two unlikely beings together and they share no similarities. Still the demon inside Severus longs to be near Moira and she can’t seem to stop thinking about him. Together they try to seek out answers unaware that a higher power is out to hunt them.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS BOOK, Y’ALL!!!! I am so stumped and honestly didn’t see this story coming. It is without a doubt one of THE BEST paranormal romance I’ve ever read and SHIT IS JUST GETTING STARTED.

Moira intrigued me and man I can just feel that her story arc is going to be epically amazing. I am so here for this soon to be a badass heroine and honestly I am just waiting for her to kill some worthless creatures. GIVE MAMA DEATH!!!!!

Severus is my most favourite demon and I know I said it like it’s real but humor me I AM IN LOVE!!!!! An escort who also is an incubus and doesn’t really want to kill humans? Can he just please love me back?? I am so pumped to see more of his dirty talker side because who wouldn’t want that?

Liz Meldon is just a master of whatever she writes and I KNOW she can write anything she sets her mind too. Basically, she is either a magical being or an evil mastermind but we’ll figure out soon I reckon. Eagerly awaiting the next part of this gorgeous series!!!


Severus has found out about Moira’s secret. A secret she didn’t even know. A secret that has put both their lives in danger. When they set out to look for Moira’s father they unknowingly become targets of an enemy that won’t stop till they’re dead.

Can Severeus and Moira find a way out of this mess unscathed?


I cannot believe what happened in this book, y’all! I sat there with my jaw dropped, heart running and zero sense of time. I was so freaking engrossed in what was happening and GOD DAMN IT, Liz Meldon killed it with this book. I am dying for more Severus and Moira. These two are the cutest, fucked up pair ever. <3

I was dying at everything happening in the book because obviously it was painful af but because I was genuinely scared for my babies. I seriously wasn’t expecting all of what happened and I think I’m still in shock.

I am desperate for the next book because I NEED to see Moira kick ass. I NEED to see Severus and Moira fall in love. I NEED these babies to be happy together forever.

5 Stars!

~ Sonal

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“Moira, Moira, Moira… What have you done to me?” 

The Hunt: Book Bundle #1 includes the first two books in Liz Meldon’s dark, sizzling paranormal romance series The Hunt. Please note that the series includes graphic content not suitable for all readers.

PREDATOR (Book #1)
Black soul, suffocating in silence. Blue eyes, watching her world fade away. Dark and light collide, desperate to connect.

Severus, incubus escort, shunned by his own kind, finds himself befuddled and bewitched by the woman who is immune to his charms. Moira, college grad student, desperately wants one night of passion before her new supernatural body changes beyond recognition.

Two lonely creatures grapple with the undeniable pull between them. Moira flees. Severus pursues. Desperate for answers, the demon seeks her out–unaware that he isn’t the only predator to have caught her scent.

PREY (Book #2)
Pearls around her neck. Polaroids at her feet.

In order to find her father, Moira Aurelia has made a pact with a demon. She soon finds herself plunged into the dark underbelly of her beloved Farrow’s Hollow, where demons run rampant and have a penchant for taking exactly what they want.

And what incubus Severus wants most of all–is her.

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