New Release + Review – PICK SIX by Max Monroe


Pick Six, book two in the Mavericks Tackle Love Series by Max Monroe, is available now!

Pix Six by Max MonroeSean Phillips is a sexy as sin enigma.
Cocky. Promiscuous.
The New York Mavericks star wide receiver.

His quick moves and sure hands extend way past the lines of the football field—and into the bedroom.

Sure of himself and sure of his life, Sean’s convinced he can handle anything. But when beautiful, pint-sized Six Malone delivers a challenge he’s never faced before, his certainty starts to waver.


Six Malone is a force to be reckoned with.
Feisty. Hilarious.
The popular YouCam vlogger Pick Six.

The chance to work with the Mavericks on an eight-episode vlog series is the opportunity of a lifetime, and Six knows it.
But after an interesting first encounter turns into a head-to-head battle with cocky football star Sean Phillips, her attention shifts—to keeping herself from falling in love.

Too bad spending time with the team is part of the job, and Sean has a flawless track record…of getting what he wants.


Pick Six: A term used when a quarterback throws an interception and a defensive player returns it for a touchdown, resulting in six points.

Pick(ing) Six: When a man-wh*ring baller meets his match.

Early readers report uncontrollable laughter, choking, snorting, and multiple spit-takes while reading Pick Six. Use caution while reading in public, avoid throat-sized foods, and give any companions an umbrella.


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pick six (s)

Sean Philips is too smug for his own good. A master at all kinds of play, Sean knows he can handle anything life throws at him. Until he meets Six. She knocks him down every chance she gets, baits him, bests him at every turn. Instead of that putting him off, all her snark turns him on. He wants to spend all his time worshiping her. The God of Football has finally been knocked of his pedestal.

Six Malone can hack everything even if that comes in the form of a football God who think he’s worth all that. So what if she finds him hotter than the sun? so what if he gets her motors going? He needs a lesson in humility and she’s going to be the one to teach him. Man oh man is it going to be fun.

Let me precede by saying this book was bloody hilarious. I was crying by laughing so hard by the time the firsts couple chapters were done. Max Monroe are on another goddamn level of comedy that I cannot even comprehend. I love these two!!

Even though Six’s character was hilarious and awkward af I wasn’t really a 100% fan of hers. I couldn’t connect to her maybe because she’s a confident outgoing bamf and I’m just an introverted mess. She was a force to be reckoned with and absolutely perfect for Sean.

Sean oh my Sean!! Okay he was the most adorable little shit ever. GAWD I LOVE THIS MAN!!! I just can’t get over how he just smiled everytime Six brought his ego down. It was so fun to watch. Also, the entire process of Sean the manwhore Philips falling in love was just SWOON WORTHY. Can I just hug him?

Definitely 100% pick up this book. It’s going to make your day.

4 Stars!





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