Review: LIE TO ME by Natasha Preston

lie to me

Lie to Me by Natasha Preston
Genre: NA, contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: April 23, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

Savannah Dean ran away from her family after they betrayed her in the worst way possible. Now she leads a peaceful albeit lonely life. Nothing matters in her life except her work. Until him.

Kent Lawson was burnt in love at the age of nineteen and since then has avoided any sort of serious relationship. He never believed another woman could get close to his heart and shatter all his defenses. Until her.

Savannah and Kent hate each other. Kent knows she’s hiding something and he can’t stand it. Savannah thinks he is the biggest jerk on this planet. But still they can’t resist each other. With passion flowing from both the sides, will they be able to move past their prejudices and explore their connection? Or are they doomed from the beginning?

This book had a little rocky start for me. For the first couple chapters, I did not like Kent at all. I was so annoyed at his judgmental self but my dudes this man did a 180 and now he has my heart. Kent turned into this freaking hot, hilarious and amazingly cocky guy and GAWD I LOVED IT. It was a slow love, I admit, but man oh man it was glorious. I laughed so hard at his innuendos. They were borderline genius.

And Savannah, my boo thang! Gawd she went through so much shit and didn’t turn homicidal. I love her for it. Her character is such a force of nature and I adore her for everything. I loved how she took back her power and never ever gave up on love. IT WAS AMAZING to see her fall in love with someone who actually deserves it in spades.

I am just really in awe and so so freaking happy I read this beautiful story.

4 Stars!


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At nineteen, Savannah Dean escaped her family, leaving behind a note and the people who caused her so much pain.

Now, she lives on her own and keeps to herself.

At nineteen, Kent Lawson’s girlfriend betrayed him, leaving him behind with a broken heart and a whole lot of mistrust in women.
Now, he lives on his own and shares himself with nearly every pretty thing that walks by but only for one night.

When Savannah and Kent meet, they can’t stand each other.

Kent knows she’s hiding something, and he despises liars.

And Savannah has nothing but secrets.

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