Review: SIREN ENSLAVED by Lexi Blake

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Siren Enslaved by Lexi Blake 
Series: Texas Sirens, book 3
Genre: erotic menage
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: April 24, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

Okay so now I have a new fave author because HOLY MOTHER this book was hot af!

Julian is on a vacation and the last thing he needs is any sort of responsibility. Saddled with dark thoughts about his lonely future, Julian just wants some peace and quiet. He certainly didn’t ask for a runaway bride to jump into his car and then be asked to save her. He certainly didn’t want to be hopelessly attracted to her. Now, the Dom inside of him rages to bring this runaway bride to heels.

Dani was supposed to get married and lead a normal life with her normal fiance. So what if she was in love with her best friend? It didn’t matter anyway because for him, she was of the wrong gender. But one look at her groom waiting for her makes her insides fill with dread and she runs away. All she wanted was to escape but instead she got enamored by a beautiful Dom who will show her the wonders of his decadent World.

All Finn has done his entire life is be hopelessly in love with his best friend. The problem is she thinks he can never be attracted to her and now it’s way to late to tell her the truth. But then she runs away and finally he can have a chance at his only love. Too bad she’s caught in the clutches of a ruthless Dom. Too bad that he wants in too.

Julian, Finn and Dani were just the perfect match together. I adore the way they completed each other. I always wonder what makes a menage relationship tick and Lexi Blake showed perfectly how each piece/person fit in the relationship.

Julian’s scared asshole ultra hot Dom got me seriously worked up. I loved he dichotomy of his character. He was always in control of his pleasure but damn if he get a handle of his emotions. I loved how tortured he was and just gahhhhh I swooned when he transformed into possessive alpha.

Finn’s character was so swoony omg. He was so in love with Dani that it made my heart ache. But when he got to finally love her? He bloomed like a bamf and god I enjoyed it so much. I was quite surprised to see him being the voice of reason 90% of the time but it fit it character extremely well.

I am super excited for the re-release of this series and I am already too invested. I WANT MORE!!!

4 Stars!


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Re-released in a second edition with new scenes.

Julian Lodge has everything a man could want. He’s rich, successful and owns the most exclusive club in Dallas. But something is missing.

Finn Taylor has worked his way up in the world from humble beginnings in Willow Fork, Texas. The only thing he still loves in his hometown is Danielle Bay. He never told her he was actually bisexual, and he never confessed his love for her. Now she’s getting married, and Finn is sure he’s lost his chance with the only person he’ll ever love.

Julian’s vacation to the Barnes-Fleetwood ranch brings them all together. After Dani jumps into Julian’s car while fleeing her wedding, Julian knows he has to have her. But nothing is easy in Willow Fork. A danger from Julian’s past threatens them all. Julian will have to convince both Dani and Finn that being his will be the best decision they ever made.


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