Review: CHASER by Kylie Scott


Chaser by Kylie Scott
Series: Dive Bar, book 3
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Publication Date: April 17, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰


Eric has been having second thoughts about his lifestyle and none of them are pretty. All his friends are sure he can never clean up his act and lead a monogamous life. Determined to prove his friends wrong he decides to get sober and leave behind his philanderer ways.

Then Jean moves into town and his plans seem to rattle. Not only she has zero interest in him, she is also heavily pregnant. This puts an obvious damper on his ego but he’s determined to be a good friend to her. Too bad his heart did’t get the memo.

Now he’s not only falling for Jean but also her beautiful little baby who Eric can’t help but adore. Can Eric convince Jean that what he feels and wants is true and forever?

GOSH Chaser was the cutest story. I adored Eric’s bond with Ada, Jean’s kid because it was quite possibly the sweetest purest thing I had ever witnessed. I wanted and craved more of it because it generally made my insides very happy.

Eric’s character development deserves a standing ovation because that man stood up and took charge like no one else. I loved how he supported and protected Jean. He just really genuinely loved her and wanted to make her happy. I swooned so much.

This story is told entirely from Eric’s PoV so you don’t get to hear Jean’s side but I actually really like her character. She is a sweet woman who just wants to have the best for her baby. Also, she stood up for our boy Eric and I LOVE THAT.

I liked this book a little less than the previous in the series. No specific reason but it just didn’t get me there. Still, I enjoyed it a lot and can’t wait to see whose book is next!!

4 Stars!


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Given his well-earned bad boy reputation, Eric is having a tough time scoring.. When single Jean moves to town, she seems heaven sent by the sex gods. Only problem is, she not only wants nothing to do with him, but it turns out that she’s pregnant.

Starting over in a small town, Jean is determined to turn her wild lifestyle around and be the kind of mother she always wished she’d had. Since local bar owner and all round hottie, Eric Collins, is now determined to steer clear of her pregnant self, it should be easy. When she goes into labour during a snow storm and her car slides on some ice, it’s Eric who comes to the rescue.

There seems to be a bond between them now, but is it enough? And can Eric give up his manwhore ways to be the man Jean needs?

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