Review: COMING TOGETHER by Poppy Dunne

coming together

Coming Together by Poppy Dunne
Genre: contemporary, romantic comedy novella
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: April 12, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

What a hot and sweet quick read!

This was the perfect story to highlight Justin and Charlotte! We were only given a small taste as to what their current marriage dynamic was like in Come Again, so this quick novella really showcased their love and devotion towards each other.

Marriage isn’t easy. And from what little we do know, Justin and Charlotte had a lot of ups and downs in their relationship. So to rekindle their lost spark, Justin takes Charlotte on a honeymoon to Hawaii, since they never had one at the beginning of their marriage. But insecurities and miscommunication follow them to their tropical paradise, and it’s not hard to realize that just because they’re on vacation, their troubles aren’t going to go away.

I really loved this story! I liked Justin and Charlotte’s characters in Come Again, so it was great to connect with them more in their own novella. Plus the little cameos of Emma and Fraser were hilarious. Those two need a novella of their own, as well. *wink* The author gives us so much within the pages of this romantic short story, you’ll devour it in the blink of an eye! So good!

5 Stars!


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Aloha, romance. Aloha, big blue sea. Aloha, handsome husband.

It’s been fourteen years since Justin and I got married, promptly got pregnant and buried under bills and diapers and jobs and playdates. Although our love remains steady and strong, an avalanche of daily details have taken us farther away from each other. I’ve lost count of how many years it’s been since we were truly alone.

But here we are now, in idyllic Hawaii, on the dream honeymoon we’ve been–well–dreaming about for years. There’s a roast suckling pig, my husband in a lei, and a sunset over the ocean that would put Bob Ross to shame. Still, we seem to be missing each other, like two hula dancers passing in the night.

I’ve got four days to put the spark back in this marriage and I’m bringing out the big guns: sexy dress, strappy heels, grotto sex to scandalize the other guests. But when the outside world starts infringing on this intimate scene, my husband’s eyes move to a hot new business prospect instead of hot little me.

If a honeymoon in paradise can’t bring us back together, do we really have a shot at this thing? Can we say aloha to each other again?

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