Review: CALLBACK by Katana Collins


Callback by Katana Collins
Series: Silhouette Studios, book 1
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: April 3, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

Seven hundred billion stars cuz Jude Fisher!!!

Marlena has been trying to get over a scandal that rocked the career she has been slowly trying to build up. She made up a plan to save her from Hollywood’s scorn and everything would have worked out great but then Jude Fisher came into her life.

Jude Fisher has been burned by love. His own wife ruined every shred of his trust. He was determined to not let any one close, specially not a potential co-star. That determination crumbled the moment he met Marlena.

Marlena needs to prepare for her audition for a role of a submissive but internet searches are proving to be inefficient. Then, Jude offers to teach her everything he can about BDSM and she finds herself unable to refuse his offer.

Thrown together in a World of submission, sensuality and forbidden desires, will Jude and Marly be able to stop themselves from falling for each other and cause another juicy scandal?

I have read this book three times because seriously once was not enough. This story was the gift that just kept on giving and making my heart goddamn happy.

I LOVED Marlena. Even though, I feel she was a little too naive when it came to BDSM but her growth and character development through the story was spectacular. Her naivety and her coming into her role as a submissive jelled perfectly with her personality.

My heart belongs to Jude Fisher now and forever. I freaking adore this man. Like he was scorned by his own wife but he never gave up on love and all it’s possibilities. Also, Jude Fisher giving commands is something I felt in my bones. Not gonna lie I was swooning like a damsel whenever he spoke.

This story is very different from the other BDSM books I’ve read and that was the selling point for me. It’s emotional, sexy, heart-felt, delicious and just so so beautiful. I think I need to go and read it one more time. *heart eyes*

5 Stars!


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With lessons this hot, limits aren’t the only thing that’s hard…


Everyone has their limits. Mine? It’s one that should have never been crossed. Now thanks to my ex-boyfriend, all of Hollywood thinks I trade sex for roles. You can imagine how my auditions go these days. This town has enough real scandals without him adding fake ones to the mix. But I have a plan. And it was going so well… until Jude Fisher came along.


When my ex-wife sold the footage of herself cheating on me with another man, I was done. With scandal, with her, with all the fakeness this industry thrives on. Finding her as the only actress up for co-lead in my new BDSM movie was the last thing I needed. Then Marlena Taylor auditioned, and I found everything I need. A gifted actress, a natural submissive… and a woman I can’t resist.

All she’s missing is knowledge about the lifestyle–my lifestyle.

I’m more than happy to tutor her–to show her the ropes, if you will. I’ll teach her everything about the games. The toys. The dynamic.

I’ll teach her everything but the sex. That’s my hard limit.
But we’re quickly finding out that there’s no limit to what’s between us.

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