Review: STONE by Max Monroe


Stone by Max Monroe
Series: Stone Cold Fox Trilogy, book 1
Genre: contemporary, romantic suspense
Publisher: Max Monroe LLC
Publication Date: March 24, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

Is there anything Max Monroe CAN’T do?!? Stone came out of nowhere and hit me right in the motherfluffing feels! No exaggeration needed, that’s the truth.

I was both surprised and not when it came to this book. Surprised just like everyone else that Max Monroe was releasing a brand-new series within DAYS of announcement, but also not because those two mischievous authors have been known to surprise us before.

Immediately, Stone separates itself from what we’ve read before from the authors. It’s intensely diversified storyline and contrasting characters creates an unparalleled new appreciation for the authors’ talent at storytelling.

The story starts at 100 and doesn’t slow one bit. Conflicting actions and emotions drive the story even higher, eliciting an even more powerful reaction from the reader. Levi and Ivy’s dynamic both together and separate is quite unique and challenging at the best of times. Forced to work together, you’d think they’d resolve whatever unknown differences they have with each other. But when it comes to the broody, enigmatic Levi, he wants nothing to do with Ivy. Secrets and unspoken feelings tear at their already unsteady relationship, proving that no matter how hot and fierce their chemistry may be, it won’t overcome the circumstances standing in their way.

I don’t give away spoilers, but I will say this: Levi and Ivy’s story does not end here. I’m beyond excited and impatient for book two, ColdThe angst, the emotions, and the unrelenting desire that continuously simmers just below the surface is enough to make anyone crave more!

5 Stars!


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First, hate. Then, want. But in the end? Heartbreak.

My celebrity life was supposed to be easy, and this movie was the biggest break of my career. But from the moment Officer Levi Fox gave me a speeding ticket on my way into town, he’s been nothing but a thorn in my side.

Dominant. Cocky. Callous.
Midnight blue eyes, a bad attitude, and muscles for days, he’s exactly the kind of man I should avoid.

But as the Cold, Montana Police Department’s official movie liaison, he’s taken up a permanent place in my life that I can’t shake.

We fight. A lot.

Then, we kiss—and my carefully crafted hate toward him no longer feels so much like hate.

I’m falling
But how often do alpha-jerks cushion the landing?

**Note: Levi and Ivy’s story will continue in Book Two—Cold.

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