Review: TAP THAT by Jennifer Blackwood & RC Boldt

tap that

Tap That by Jennifer Blackwood & RC Boldt
Genre: contemporary, romantic comedy
Publisher: Jennifer Blackwood Books
Publication Date: March 6, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

Hilarious, witty, and with a plethora of sexually-charged angst, Tap That is a fun and feisty enemies-to-lovers romance with the perfect mix of heat and heart!

This book was a very enjoyable quick read. It takes the love/hate relationship and blends it with an intriguing forbidden romance, with an abundance of comedy throughout. The relationship between Reid and Callie sparks intensity immediately, an intensity that’s geared more towards eliciting sabotage and hostility in the workplace. Their clashing vibes were like oil and water, that no matter how much they’re shaken up, they’ll never mix just right. But all it took was for both of them to truly look deeper into who the other person was, to know their true motivations and dreams, for them both to finally realize they’re more alike than what they originally thought. The angst that simmered throughout the story slowly morphs into a respect and admiration, followed quickly by joy and heartache that neither were ready for.

Passion runs wild in this entertaining and emotional romance! If you love a good angst-filled, comedic, and heartwarming story, then Tap That is the book for you!

4 Stars!


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The beer’s not the only thing getting tapped. 


I have a secret. It’ll get me fired if my boss ever finds out…which shouldn’t be a problem except for one thing: my coworker, Reid Morgan.

He’s cocky, aggravating, and that hot-as-sin mouth simultaneously makes me want to slap him and melt into the mattress.

Now that he’s discovered my secret, he’s doing everything in his power to take my job.


I have a problem: my pint-size spitfire of a coworker who’s primed to take my promotion.

She’s infuriating, sexy as hell, and I just can’t seem to keep my hands off her.

Now we’re both vying for the same position…and only one of us can come out on top.

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