Review: COME AGAIN by Poppy Dunne

come again

Come Again by Poppy Dunne
Genre: contemporary, romantic comedy
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: February 28, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

A sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance that will make you come undone!

I’m OBSESSED with Poppy Dunne’s books! And my love for her stories have only grown stronger (if that’s even possible) after reading Come Again!

I’m not a huge fan of British accents, but all I kept thinking while reading this book was “I HOPE IT RELEASES IN AUDIO!!!” cause, DAYUM….I need to hear Fraser Drake’s voice with my own ears!

And Emma…..OMG, I’m still laughing over her quirky and feisty personality! She mixes with Fraser like oil and water, which only makes their interactions together that much more memorable. Stick-up-his-you-know-where Fraser and kooky-to-her-core Emma are one of the most unique and diverse couples I’ve ever read. Their relationship together quickly transforms from hate to one of complete fascination. How two people who appear to be complete opposites seem to blend and compliment each other so well is a true testament to superb writing skills and an immensely remarkable imagination.

This unique tale of love, hurt, and change is the perfect twist on the classic love/hate relationship. The dynamic between Fraser and Emma radiates originality and heat, while maintaining a lovable and carefree romance that will leave you in a swoony pile of emotions.

My favorite Poppy Dunne book, hands down!!!

5 Stars!


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It is truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman in possession of a dead-end job, shoebox studio apartment, and zany, intensely loyal friends, must be in want of a man.

But in my wildest dreams, I never expected that man to remember me selling overpriced KoolAid in my Rainbow Brite underpants when I was six years old. Life is unpredictable.

Fraser Drake was the least sexy boy when we were growing up: all elbows and knees and khaki pleats and debate club. But right now, in my mother’s kitchen, he’s never looked hotter, more irresistible. Granted, he’s looking down on me as I expertly dance the sock hop scene from Grease. But behind those layers of haughty indifference, I detect the hint of lust.

He is everything I never knew I wanted. Since I met him, my feet haven’t touched the ground and my smile hasn’t left my face. His laugh is like a well-aged scotch, and I have a feeling I could get drunk on it.

If a Pride and Prejudice/Bridget Jones’s Diary mash-up but with more sex, sexual tension, and sexy sex, sounds good to you, you’ve come to the right place

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