Review: UP IN SMOKE by T.M. Frazier

up in smoke

Up in Smoke by T.M. Frazier
Series: King series standalone
Genre: NA, romantic suspense
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: February 16, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

Smoke has one thing on his mind and that is revenge. He lost the most important thing to him and he will not rest until he finds the person responsible, but what happens when he can’t find that person but the next closest thing to that person, no not thing… a person.

I will start with, T.M. Frazier knows how to write some badass characters, can I say badass here? Well, I just did because it is true.

Smoke was hard, raw, and as real as a man can come, and Frankie was by no means just a damsel in distress she was smart and tough.

I was so enthralled with this book from the story line with lust and love, to the action packed heart pounding moments.

4 Stars!


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I’m a man without a conscience.
I deal in murder and mayhem.
I’m the best at what I do.
Frankie Helburn is supposed to be an easy job.
A means to flush her father out of hiding.
Except there isn’t anything simple about Frankie or the secrets she’s keeping.
She’s stubborn as hell and the sexiest god damn thing I have ever seen, sending dark, dirty animalistic desire coursing through my veins.
She’s cocaine with legs. A f*cking addiction that makes me question things I’ve never questioned before. Want things I’ve never wanted before.
I might have her, but she isn’t mine to keep.
If her father doesn’t show his face, she will be mine.

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