Blog Tour + Excerpt – DROPPING IN by Carrie Quest

Today, we have the blog tour for Carrie Quest’s DROPPING IN! Check it—and the free prequel—out today and grab your copy!

Title: Dropping In
Series: A Snow-Crossed Lovers Novel
Release Date: February 8th

About Dropping In:

Natalie Berensen has one short summer to ace her writing class and convince her parents she’s not a hopeless screw-up. No more changing her major once a month, taking time off to travel, or random friends-with-benefits. She doesn’t have time for distractions or hook-ups, not even if her longtime crush is in town for the summer and living in her basement. Who cares if he’s a snowboarding god with six pack abs and a hashtag devoted to his apparently magical penis? She’s not interested.

Until she is.

Ben Easton’s focus and self-discipline is legendary. He’s built a career as a professional snowboarder by training harder than anyone else on the mountain and steering clear of anything that doesn’t take him one step closer to his goal: Olympic gold. Then his best friend crashes in the half-pipe and Ben drops everything to take care of him. No more training. No more competitions. No more snowboarding. It’s over.

He’s back in Boulder to help with Adam’s rehab, not fool around with his little sister’s best friend, no matter how much he loves her laugh or the way her ass looks when she walks up the stairs. There’s no way in hell he’s going anywhere near Natalie.

Until he does.

Contains: a grumpy guard cat with a taste for blood, discussions of Ents as phallic symbols, and plenty of sexy times.

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“Are you hungry? Cause I could murder a slice of pizza right now.”
I grin and bring my other hand up to the wall, caging her in.
“I could eat,” I say. “In a minute.” I push my hips forward, and she closes her eyes and sighs. I nudge her back until she’s pressed against the wall and I’m pressed against her, my forearms flat against the brick on either side of her head.
“There’s one thing I need to do first,” I murmur.
Her eyes open and the heat in them hits me straight in my dick. I know she feels me getting hard because she licks her lips and grinds against me, just once. I moan, and she grins.
“What could possibly be more urgent than pizza?” she whispers.
But I don’t answer, I just kiss her. She opens up for me right away, making a hungry little sound in the back of her throat when our tongues touch. Her noises, man. They slay me. Her hands circle around my back and she pulls me in even closer, pressing her breasts against my chest and grinding her hips in high little circles that have me seeing stars. There isn’t an inch between our bodies now, but I still need to be closer. I need to be touching her everywhere, so I move to cradle the sides of her face with my palms, my fingers tangled in her hair, and angle her head back so I can kiss her even deeper.
“Get a fucking room, man.”
I whip my head around and see the busker from earlier.
He shoots me a wink. “Or at least put a hat out. Show like that? You’ll kill it with tips.” Then he flips one of his swords in the air and catches it neatly before walking away.
Nat giggles, then starts laughing for real when her stomach growls loud enough for both of us to hear it.
“You need fuel,” I say.
“Fuel?” Her lips tip up in a sultry smile and her eyes go wide. “What exactly do you have in mind, Mr. Easton?”
I reach out and run one finger over her kiss-swollen lips. “Well, I put off the bed delivery after this morning and the new bed won’t be here until tomorrow now, so I guess we’ll be staging another symphony in yours. All that squeaking and creaking will take a lot of energy.”
“Squeaking and creaking, huh? You’re really selling this. No wonder you’re so popular with the ladies.”
I nod. “It’s true. And I haven’t even mentioned the moaning and screaming.”
She grins up at me. “Wait. Are we still talking about sex or are you taking me to a haunted house?”
I push her hair behind her ear and lean down until my lips are almost touching her. “Boo,” I whisper, then trace the shell of her ear with my tongue.

About the Author

Carrie grew up in Vermont, spent her college years in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, and now lives in New Zealand with her husband, two smallish children, and a gaggle of very badly behaved animals. She writes love stories that will make you laugh and reads enough romance to swoon on the regular.

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