Review: TRISTAN by Karla Sorenson


Tristan by Karla Sorensen
Series: Bachelors of the Ridge, book 5
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: Dutch Girl Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: January 25, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

Nine hundred billion stars because I can’t even with Tristan! 

Tristan has been in love with Anna for years now and everyday it gets harder to hide it from her. He wants so badly to come clean to her about his feelings but she belongs to someone else. So, he suffers in silence pretending that his heart isn’t is pieces. Then everything changes.

Suddenly, she is single and working with Tristan which means he has numerous opportunities to be close to her. He doesn’t know how to approach her or ask her out. He believes being her friend is the best option right now. But one thing is for certain, Tristan is going to make Anna his.

Below you’ll see actual representations of me throughout this book.





My heart cried for Tristan because no one deserves the pain of unrequited love and specially not someone who is good to the core like my boo thang, Tristan. I wanted to hug him and make everything alright with his World. The thing I most adore and admire about this character is that even though he had been dealing with so much heartbreak for years, he never once turned bitter towards the person he desired. He was hopeful, despaired, elated even scared and never once did he have one bad thing to say about Anna. If that doesn’t show you how fucking amazing Tristan is then Idk what does. I have been saying this and I’ll keep saying it till I die, Tristan is a precious gem too good and pure for this cruel World and must be protected at all costs. 

Anna, oh my sweet summer child! I’ll admit, I wanted to hurt her a little because she wasn’t making babies with Tristan but that was short lived. Anna is one of the best female protagonists I’ve ever read and GAWD I FUCKING ADORE HER. She is fierce, strong and knows how to get what she wants. I was just in pure awe by the way she readily accepted and reveled with the sheer magnanimity of Tristan’s love of her. She is a badass and man we need more amazing heroines like her.

This might be my first Karla Sorenson standalone but you best believe that I am going to go back and binge read every book this woman has ever written. She is a sorceress and has created one of the most amazingly magical stories I’ve had the good fortune of reading. I love this book with all my heart and will probably re-read it as soon as possible.

This story is THE MOTHER of all slow burns and it hurts so good. 10/10 recommend this book. Like seriously go now, buy it and READ IT!!!!

5 Stars!


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There’s one thing you should know about Tristan Whitfield: he’s been in love with Anna for years.

There are two problems with that: she has no idea, and she’s married. Or at least, she was.

Anna Callahan knows three things about her brother’s friend, Tristan: he’s quiet, incredibly handsome, and has a smolder that could set the room on fire.

For years, it wasn’t difficult for Anna to overlook all of that. But when Tristan is the solution to a work problem that could derail her career, he is anything but easy to ignore.

To Tristan, the fact that the object of his affection is suddenly single means he should tread lightly. Be the friend she needs until she’s ready for more and hope the risk pays off.

Because it’ll add up to the one thing he wants: her.

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