Review: MIDNIGHT BLUE by L.J. Shen

midnight blue

Midnight Blue by L.J. Shen
Genre: NA, contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: January 18, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

I have too many feelings and all of them involve severe cursing.

If you think you are ready for Alex Winslow I’d like to inform you that you are grossly mistaken. I thought I was ready. Now, here I am rocking back and forth in my corner thinking why the fuck would I think I was equipped to handle the enigma that is Alex FUCKING Winslow.

I ADORERESPECTADMIRELOVE Indie! I can’t even tell how how much I love her because there are no proper words. She is the kind of female leads I’ve always looked up to. She’s a strong, ball-busting no shit taker badass boss bitch you can probably take over the entire World if she felt like it. At the same time, she is a broken girl doing everything in her might to save her family. We need more people like Indie in our lives. I am just so much in love with her. Did I say that already?!?

Alex oh my poor broken beautiful sweet devil!! *heart eyes* I admit I didn’t like his “personality” in the first chapter yet I knew I was going to fall for this man. I wanted to claw his face while making out with him. It’s insane because this man inspired a hundred thousand different emotions in me while I was reading this story. He looks like he might be the most shallow bastard in the whole of Universe but you bet your ass his words are deeper than you could ever imagine. SOMEONE MAKE THIS MAN REAL SO I COULD HUG HIS ASS!!!

Everytime L.J. Shen comes out with a story, I know it to my bones that it’ll effect my life in ways I’d never be able to fathom. This story wasn’t any different. I am in love with every word this woman writes. GOD BLESS SHEN! *ugly crying*

5 Stars!


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It should have been easy.
I needed the money. He needed a babysitter to keep him from snorting himself to death.
I was cherry-picked especially for him. Responsible. Optimistic. Warm. Innocent.
The worst part is that I should have known better.
Alex Winslow. British rock star. Serial heartbreaker. Casanova with whiskey eyes.
“Don’t get near the devil in a leather jacket. He’ll chew you up and spit you out.”
Guess what? I didn’t listen.
I signed the contract.
World tour. Three months. Four Continents. One hundred shows.
My name is Indigo Bellamy, and I sold my soul to a tattooed god.
Problem was, my soul wasn’t enough for Alex Winslow. He ended up taking my body, too.
Then he took my heart.
Then he took my all.

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