Review: HOLIDAY HELL by Liz Meldon

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Holiday Hell by Liz Meldon
Series: Erotic Short Shorts, book 2
Genre: NA, holiday novella
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: December 6, 2017
Rating: ★★★★✰

This was so cute, I want to cuddle the story.

Elise aspired to have a high end job that matched her prestigious degree. She was well on her way to achieve that goal with her internship with a high rated marketing company. But soon she realised
she was going nowhere and decided to move back home. Needing to get her life in order, Elise took up a mediocre job at a department store during the holidays. Little did she know what a bad decision it was. Then she sees Jack, a handsome sexy flirt who frequents the store and suddenly everything is better.

Jack is a recently divorced dad who is determined to give his little daughter the best Christmas gift. For that he needs to go on a hunt for a specific blue haired doll that is highly in demand. He is forced to frequent the department everyday while juggling this very demanding job. It would have been a task if he hadn’t met Elise. Her smiles do funny things to his heart and make him feel like a teenager but he can’t stay away.

I adored this story. It was short and sweet and so heart warming.

Elise is a everyday girl struggling to find her footing in a cutthroat World. I related to her a lot and damn it the girl needs a break. Her character was funny and so freaking adorable.

A moment of silence for Jack’s hotness!! (I am really holding back from calling him Daddy Jack) OH MAMA was Jack amazing. I get heart eyes thinking about how sweet he was with his kid and how freaking sexy he was with Elise.

I definitely was more of these two because SEXY TIMES!!!!!!!!!!! Okay seriously, these two are juts so perfect together I can’t help but want more.

4 Stars!


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There’s no greater hell than working retail in December.

Having completed a highly competitive marketing internship in New York City, Elise thought she could handle anything the world had to throw at her–until the internship didn’t lead to a job. Savings depleted, she abandoned one of the most expensive cities in the world to move back in with her parents in small town Middle of Nowheresville. Needing to replenish her bank account, she applied to the only place hiring: Bennington’s Department Store.

She just didn’t realize that working at the big box retailer full-time during the Christmas season would bring her within an inch of her sanity.

Enter Jack. Tall, rugged, handsome. Sweet. Funny. Kind of a flirt. Divorced dad on the hunt for a very specific, ridiculously popular Miss Molly doll that Santa will deliver to his little angel on Christmas Eve. He quickly becomes a regular in Elise’s toy department, juggling his crazy work schedule with his quest to find the perfect gift. And Elise is determined to make his Christmas wish come true, one way or another.

Little do either of them realize, what they both need for Christmas this year–is each other.

Holiday Hell is classified as a one-shot erotic short, and is humorous, snarky, relatable, and just a little bit steamy. It is a complete story that includes a HFN and a sweet romance with a dash of all-spice for the holiday season.

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