Review: The ALL IN Trilogy by Liz Meldon

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All In Trilogy by Liz Meldon
Genre: erotic romance
Publisher: Liz Meldon Writes
Publication Dates: Sept. 1, 2017 (Finn); Oct, 2, 2017 (Cole); Nov, 1, 2017 (Skye)
Rating: ★★★★★

FINN ( All In #1)
Skye Summers has a crush on her sugar daddy. Yep she did the one thing she wasn’t supposed to do. It really doesn’t help her case that Cole Daniels is an absolute sweetheart. He has been taking care of her for years and is one of her closest friends.

When she gets a suggestive note from him with an invitation to a party, she is ready to give all of herself to him. But once again, she is left disappointed by Cole’s indifference. Dejected, she decides to seek out a little fun of her own and then she finds Finn Rai, who looks like he wants to devour her and Skye feels ready to let him do so.

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! I am in love, y’all. Finn Rai has soothed everything inside of my little Indian heart. This book was so hot so so hot, I can’t even with words. Finn is charming, spontaneous and he makes me swoon so hard. I loved his playfulness and I adore the way he adores Skye. Can I have a Finn of my own? Pretty please with chocolate on top?

The thirst is real with this one, y’all!!

COLE ( All In #2)
One sugar baby. Two men.

After her encounter with Finn, Skye is left reeling not knowing what to do with her herself anymore. A small part of her feels like she cheated on Cole but that man has never given her an inkling that he is interested in her. To top that, Finn appears at her doorstep with proclamations and plans to make her his own.

As much as she likes Finn, her feelings for Cole seem unwavering. She feels awkward in his presence after her secret trysts. But when Cole walks in her yoga class all demanding, hot and bothered, Skye is left to accept the possibility that Cole might feel for her the same way she does for him. Oh what a mess!!

If you thought Finn was hot, then y’all aren’t prepared for hot stuff broody billionaire Mr. Cole Daniels. Man, I wasn’t expecting his possessive, growly caveman side to hit me in all the right spots. But it did, IT SO DID. I am honestly here like JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL because these two men are making it really hard for me to keep my thoughts clean.


SKYE ( All In #3)
The conclusion to the All In Trilogy.

Have you ever read something that just made your heart horny and happy? This trilogy did that for me. I am so in love with Finn, Cole and Skye that I can read all day and everyday about their shenanigans. These three are the perfect together and I just want more and more.

This trilogy was my first ever Liz Meldon read but I’ve turned into her fan from now till forever. I need to get my life in order, set out a day and binge read EVERYTHING Liz has ever written.

Also, I need Finn and Cole to survive through life. #KTHANKZBAI

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The All In Trilogy is a feel-good erotic romance between three individuals, and is not a love triangle. It contains graphic content and is only appropriate for mature readers. There are no trigger warnings associated with the trilogy, and readers will find a happy ending waiting for them at the end of a long, twisting road.

The All In Trilogy is told over three novellas, which should be read in order:
FINN (#1)
COLE (#2)
SKYE (#3)

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