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Hostile Fakeover, along with 8 other all-new novellas, is part of Kendall Ryan’s Imperfect Love World, releasing on October 17th!



“Bianca, open up!” His voice growing louder, the pounding, harder.
“Go away!” I holler, pulling the sheet up over my head. Maybe if I hide, he’ll leave me alone.
“Not happening, babe. Now open the goddamn door.”
I dig deep to find something witty to say. “No!”
No? That is so brilliant, B. What a way to be creative.
“B…” I hear his head bang up against the door. Maybe he’s giving up. “Come on. I need your help.”
“Should have thought about that before you did what you did.” I’m not sure what he did, but if I let him in now, I’ll let him into my bed and well…that would be bad — and so good at the same time.
“What did I do?” I can hear him pacing the floor, wearing it down.
Throwing the sheet off, I tip-toe to the door.
“No! You know what? If you don’t open the door now, I’ll beat it down.” This causes me to stop dead in my tracks.
“Just something else you would have to pay for.” I mentally check off everything he has repaired so far. The electric, sewer issue, the water line…
“Fine. Have it your way.” He goes quiet.
I can’t have him breaking down the door. I mean, it would be entertaining but then I would have no privacy, and that defeats the purpose. After the other day, there definitely needs to be a barrier in between us. A door that locks…deadbolt and all.
“Hold on…”
“I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ve been doing out here.” His laugh sounds just a tad irritated.
I open the door, unprepared for what I see: Ford Phillips, standing there, soaking wet. Unbuttoned shirt clinging to his dripping body. Seeing the water droplets run down his tan, chiseled chest makes me suddenly thirsty. I’m taken aback by the primal urge I have to run my tongue across his golden skin and lap up…Every. Single. Drop.
“Eyes up here, babe,” he says with a smirk.
Moment broken.
“I can’t let you in here, you’re dripping wet.”
“If you let me in, you could be too.”

Hostile Fakeover
About Hostile Fakeover:

Up-and-coming artist Bianca Black has her eyes set on one thing, and one thing only: Transforming her late grandmother’s building into the gallery of her dreams. All is going according to plan until legal issues arise and a sexy-as-hell club owner gets in her way. Losing the building could leave her homeless, bringing a whole new meaning to starving artist.

Entrepreneur Ford Phillips, always gets what he wants and this time won’t be any different. He has spent years trying to buy the old, run-down building nestled between the high rises of Manhattan. Just when he thinks it’s within his reach, he finds himself in for way more than he bargained for.

Bianca and Ford must call a truce in an attempt to “fake it ’til you make it.” Can these two keep things amicable or will this Fakeover turn Hostile?

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