Review: THE BROTHER by K. Larsen

the brother

The Brother by K. Larsen
Genre: NA, romantic suspense
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: October 2, 2017
Rating: ★★★★✰

Not going to lie, it was my favorite out of the duet!

Nora survived a kidnapping, but what happens when she gets her life back, but can’t seem to move on…

Liam Lockwood only wanted to know the woman his brother held captive, what he didn’t expect was to fall for her.

I liked this book!! I know, I should probably not like Liam, yet I wanted him for myself. Poor Nora, reading her struggle with her life and feelings was heartbreaking at times.

I found the author’s writing style interesting and totally like it!

good story and great characters!!

4 Stars!


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Nora Robertson is struggling to find her place in society after being held captive for half a year. Her sense of normal is skewed at best, in love and life but, she is trying to recover with the help of her support system. She pines for a home and a love she can no longer have. A love she knows was wrong but still clings to and desires secretly.

Liam Lockwood stumbled across a photo in a magazine of his ​long forgotten brother causing buried secrets, heartache and obsession​ ​to bubble to the surface.​ ​When Liam sees something he wants, he takes it. He always has and this time will be no different despite his father’s warning. Payback for a dark and broken childhood now has a name, Nora Robertson.

When Liam and Nora’s paths collide everyone in their wake will be left stumbling when the truth reveals itself.

Attraction is not random.

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