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Today we have the blog tour for Macon by Marie James! Check it out and grab your copy today!

Title: Macon
Author: Marie James
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Macon:

Tossing a middle finger to Macon, Georgia as I made my way to Nashville was always the dream. Sing country music, go on tour, top the charts—with my popularity growing every day, I was on my way.

But then a gust of wind blew up your skirt, and those white cotton panties had me hooked. I didn’t know your name, and you turned down every attempt I tried to throw your way. But I knew you were different, even though you told me I was the same.

“Friends” is what you offered, and I played by your rules, but, Adelaide Hatfield, you have to know, from that day, it was only you.

I just hope I can make you see how much you mean to me before we both drown in the sorrow of what heartbreak can truly be.

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“I miss you already,” he whispers.

I have to clear my throat. “You’ll have too much fun to miss me, and I’ll be busy with classes.”

“Will you wait for me?” He pauses. “I’ll stay true to you, Addi. While I’m gone, I mean. I don’t want anyone else.”

I shake my head. While he may mean what he’s saying—now—I know him well enough to understand it’s an impossible task.

Do I hurt us both a little now, or wait until we’re so far in, we destroy each other?

I decide on the former. It may be enough to destroy me anyway.

“You don’t have to do that, Axton. It’s a time for you to have an amazing experience, see the world, and everything it has to offer.”

“You’re giving up on us?”

Shaking my head again, I finally face him. “There is no us. We’re friends. Yes, we messed around last night, and it was great, but we both know there’s no way we can be anything more if you leave.”

He takes a step back like I’ve punched him in the gut. “Is that some sort of ultimatum? Stay here or you move on? You’re forcing me to choose?”

“I’m not,” I tell him. “There’s no choice. You’re going on tour, and I’m going to school in a few hours. Tour life…long distance things just don’t work. We’re only twenty-one. You don’t need to tie yourself down to anything in this town. You’re ready to get out of here, remember? You told me that yourself.”

His jaw tightens as his fingers clench several times. “That was before,” he yells.

I wince and look at the wall separating my room from Mandy’s.


“Before I fucking fell in love with you!” Agitated hands sweep over the top of his head.

I shake my head. “You aren’t.”

“Don’t tell me what I feel.”

Love isn’t selfish. Love doesn’t mean making rash decisions without first thinking of those you love.

I want to say the words, but I don’t have the courage or energy.

“Don’t tell me something like that right before you leave. That’s not fair. It’s manipulative and spiteful. I don’t deserve that from you.”

“You don’t deserve it? You’re splitting my heart in two. And what? I’m just supposed to roll over and take it? I’m supposed to pretend like I don’t love you?”

He’s one to talk about a broken heart. It’s taking everything in me not to jump off this bed and beg him to pick me over the tour, but I know how selfish that is, and I’d never do that to anyone.

“This is my dream,” he says, his tone softer, as if it explains everything. “You’re part of my future.”

“We’ll always be friends,” I offer.

“The fuck we will,” he mutters. I watch him leave, shoulders slumped forward, not a hint of the excitement he had when he first arrived.

About the Author:

Marie James is a full-time, working mother of two boys and wife of 13 years. She’s spent almost her entire lifetime living in central Texas, with only short stays in South Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. She’s always wanted to write novels and currently has 16 titles under her belt. Her passions include reading everything under the sun and plotting out new books to write in the future.

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