The Hollywood Dirt Movie is HERE!!!

The wait is over…


The Hollywood Dirt movie is streaming NOW on PassionFlix!

CLICK HERE to subscribe today!

PassionFlix is a streaming service – like Netflix or Hulu. As a subscriber, you will have access to an awesome lineup of romance movies, including original movies like HOLLYWOOD DIRT! They will be bringing more novels to life with Aftershock/Afterburn by Sylvia Day coming in November!

It is accessible on any laptop, smartphone or smart device. If you have AppleTV or Chromecast, you will also be able to send the image to a TV.

Want to party?

Pop into the Torreville Movie Party before, during, or after you watch the movie! We’ll be talking about our favorite moments, lines, and giving away prizes all day long!

Wed, Sept. 20th 10am – 10pm EST
Click here to join the group!

hd signed books

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