New Release + Review – HEATHENS by Amanda Richardson

HEATHENS (Heathens Duet #1) by Amanda Richardson
Genre: Stand-alone Dark Romance
Cover Design by Amanda Richardson
Release Date: September 14, 2017


Paris is home to runaways and lost souls, romantics and artists. A lover’s paradise. For Lilith Damewood, Paris is tainted, tarnished, corroded. Trying to claw her way out of her dark memories, she channels her vitriol into her photography.


Salem Tempest is a seminary student entrusted with the souls of Notre Dame de Paris—even the dark ones. When an unlikely friendship forms between the two of them, and a revelation shakes them both to their core, Lily and Salem find themselves connected in powerful and unexpected ways.


Lily risks his ruin—and her own.


After all, even holy men can fall. And salvation may be closer than they realize.


HEATHENS is a dark romance that connects five souls in a web of choice, sin, revenge, and redemption. It may be considered blasphemous to some. It is intended for mature readers.


HEATHENS is book 1 in the HEATHENS duet. BELIEVERS, book 2, will be releasing early 2018. Both books can be read as a standalone.



Two hundred and ninety five billion stars because Salem Tempest!!!

Paris might be the City of Love but for Lilith Damewood, it’s tainted with the guilt of having lost her friend. Everyday is a struggle to crawl away from the haunting memories that eat at her. So she immerses herself into her photography. Her soul is at unrest until she meets Salem.

Salem Tempest, a seminary student has committed many sins in life and repents for them everyday. His life revolves around the Church, his faith and his teachings. He is determined to follow the path God and his mentor paved until Lilith.

Brought together by fate, Salem and Lily form a unique friendship that grows into intense everyday, making their connection that much more powerful. Both are incapable of letting go of the other. For Salem, any sort of relationship with Lily means straying from his God, his duties. Lily believes she can only cause ruin in Salem’s life.

When all else fail, will love prevail?

I am screaming while writing this because Salem Tempest is not real and that is a gross misfortune for the whole of humanity. (Okay mostly, me!) I am so in love with Salem and Lilly and Eve and Amanda and basically everything related to this story that I can’t even contain myself.

Salem is the book boyfriend of my dreams, y’all! He is passionate yet tender, calm yet a force to be reckoned with. The dichotomy of his character made me adore him. The way he could be calm on the outside while thinking all those ravenous and sinful thoughts made me want to climb him. He is such a beautiful soul and GOD the way he worships Lily makes me cry ugly tears. I just really love him, okay. 

Lily oh my sweet baby!! She is such a strong woman capable of insurmountable badassery. I fricking adore her broken little warrior self. She is the kind of friend every woman needs. Her devotion to Eve, her photography and then Salem made my heart ache. What an inspirational character.

Also, let it be known that I am in utter awe of Amanda Richardson. She has blown my brains and heart to smithers. I have become a life long fan and I need to devour every work she has written. Amanda managed to take such a controversial topic and beautifully made it her own. She writes like a poet, y’all and it’s an incredible thing to witness.

5 Stars!



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About the Author

Amanda Richardson is an award-winning travel writer turned indie author living in Los Angeles with her husband and two cats. When she’s not writing or reading (which, let’s be honest, accounts for 95% of her free time), she can be found Googling cheap flights to places she’s never been, talking to her cats, or obsessing over the British Royal Family. Fun fact: her first novel is about the Tudors. One day maybe, after a lot of wine, she might find the courage within her to publish it! Find out more here:

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