Review: COMPLICATED HEARTS PT. 2 by Ashley Jade

complicated hearts part two

Complicated Hearts Part 2 by Ashley Jade
Series: Complicated Hearts Duet
Genre: NA, romantic erotica
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: August 29, 2017
Rating: ★★★★✰

A beautifully written book full of angst

When I read the first book. my heart broke for Breslin and I am normally very picky about female characters in a book, but Breslin I just got right away and connected with her. I actually liked her more than the two male characters in the book. Again, another thing that normally doesn’t happen for me.

Complicated Hearts is a very fitting title because my feeling for this book were very complicated through out. Ashley Jade writes so beautifully, I was so sucked in with her words and her story, but yet scared to see how it would end.

I will not give anything away, but I will say I’m probably on my own little island over here by my lonesome, but I would have liked it to end differently for the characters, but that’s a good thing I am not the author because I’d probably make people angry if I ended it the way I would have wanted lol.

Over all a good story, very good writing, and the characters all touched me in their own ways, but I am for sure Team Breslin. In my opinion she stole the show, like I said I really connected with her and I really just wanted to hug her and tell her she is enough.

4 Stars!


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Things are going to get…complicated.

This is Book Two (the final book) of the Complicated Hearts Duet. Book One must be read first.

Warning: This book is not for everyone. These characters are flawed and the situation is intense and frustrating. Emotions—all of them—run high. If you’re looking for perfect characters and a perfect story…this book isn’t for you.

Trigger Warning:
This story is strange and unconventional. It’s everything you hate. That’s the only warning I can offer you.

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