Review: MERCY by Debra Anastasia


Mercy by Debra Anastasia
Publisher: Debra Anastasia
Publication Date: August 20, 2017
Rating: ★★★★★

One hundred and forty four million stars for my Nix!!!! *heart eyes*

He was taught to kill when he was just a kid at the hands of his own father. His whole life has been one kill after another. That’s what happens when all you know is hate. His street name might be Mercy but his victims know he shows anything but.

The only solace in the hell that is his life is Becca, his superhero. She stood up against his monster and he has loved her ever since. He follows her, makes sure she is safe. Because he knows the monster holds a grudge against her. The monster has been waiting for his turn, sharpening his knives to take away every person that matters to Nix, specially Becca.

Holy Mother of GOD! I don’t think I’ve ever read a book like this. I am in utter awe and I don’t even know how to tell y’all how bloody amazing this story was.

I had so many emotions while reading this book. But I fell in love with Nix as soon as I started chapter 2 and it just grew from there. He is such a singular character, i don’t think there could be any other like him. He is a badass, like kill a group of people within seconds kinda badass. Yet the vulnerability he showed whenever he was near Becca broke my heart. Nix is an absolute sweetheart and possibly my favourite assassin EVER. I cannot stress enough that Nix is one of my top 10 favourite characters. 

This story had so many facets. It was funny, heartfelt, messed up and utterly beautiful. I adore Debra’s writing style and no one does angst like her.

Mercy is one of my top reads this year and believe me I’ll be doing a re-read of it really soon. Did I already say I LOVE NIX?

5 Stars!


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He taught me to kill. Murder is in my blood now. It runs through my veins and though I hide the monster I see in the mirror with ink, it doesn’t keep him from coming out.

My street name is Mercy, but I never show any. Except for her. I watch Becca, though she doesn’t know. She saved me a long time ago; the day my father killed my mother. Her bravery turned her into a target.

My father holds a grudge and knife with the same proficiency, and Becca is the focus of his hatred. And I’m the only monster who can save her.

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