Review: BEARD IN MIND by Penny Reid

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Beard in Mind by Penny Reid
Series: Winston Brothers, book 4
Publisher: Cipher-Naught
Publication Date: July 31, 2017
Rating: ★★★★★

MY HEART MY HEART!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beauford Winston is probably the nicest person in all of Tennessee. He is good natured, charming, easy-going and only has smiles for everyone. Everyone except Shelly. She gets on his nerves and irritates him like God put her on his Earth for that sole purpose. With his twin leaving town for who knows how long, Beau is in a constant surly mood.

Shelly Sullivan is not the nicest person to be around. In fact she is rude, cold and almost insufferable. Beau thought so too. Until he glanced a peak at her inner self which is full of radiant complexities and exquisite facets that ensnare Beau like he never thought possible.

Staying away from Shelly isn’t an option anymore but turns out sticking it through with her might be the hardest thing for both Beau and her.

Oh my God I can’t believe I am alive after reading this book. All these emotions and feeling make me want to lie upside down hanging from my bed while blasting Heart’s A Mess because that feels like the only thing I am capable of right now.

I mean HOW?? How can fictional characters be so good that you are upset that they don’t exist? I constantly think about Winston brothers wondering how different my life would be if they were real and if I knew them. Obsessed seems an understatement at this point but do I care? No, Sire!

Beau is my sweetheart. I swear to God he is the most precious man that will ever walk his Earth. (Fictionally!! I mean fictionally.) Holy Mother do I love him! He is so compassionate, caring, understanding and every other nice adjective there is in the World. I often forgot that he was only twenty-five because his thought process was so mature and sexy and stable and oh heavens I just love his mind. I want to hug him and never let go.

(Yes I am aware that I’m basically rambling at this point but this book DEMANDS it) 

Shelly is everything pure with this World and she needs to be protected at all costs. Her struggles made my heart hurt and I desperately wanted to help her. She is such a beautifully written character. Her struggles and the way she stepped up to take care of herself was admirable and inspiring. I just really love Shelly.

Reading this story,I realised how I can’t even begin to comprehend the things people go through with invisible illness. It’s so easy to label a person as rude or cold because that is the convenient option for us. We ignore it till it’s not our problem and that hit me a bit hard. I am so glad Penny decided to take up this issue and show Shelly’s struggle without sugar coating it.

This story is incredible, y’all! It takes you on such a powerful journey that you can feel it changing you. And you LOVE EVERY DARN SECOND OF IT.

5 Stars!


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All is fair in love and auto maintenance.

Beau Winston is the nicest, most accommodating guy in the world. Usually.

Handsome as the devil and twice as charismatic, Beau lives a charmed life as everyone’s favorite Winston Brother. But since his twin decided to leave town, and his other brother hired a stunning human-porcupine hybrid as a replacement mechanic for their auto shop, Beau Winston’s charmed life has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Shelly Sullivan is not nice and is never accommodating. Ever.

She mumbles to herself, but won’t respond when asked a question. She glares at everyone, especially babies. She won’t shake hands with or touch another person, but has no problems cuddling with a dog. And her damn parrot speaks only in curse words.

Beau wants her gone. He wants her out of his auto shop, out of Tennessee, and out of his life.

The only problem is, learning why this porcupine wears her coat of spikes opens a Pandora’s box of complexity—exquisite, tempting, heartbreaking complexity—and Beau Winston soon discovers being nice and accommodating might mean losing what matters most.

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