Review: VENGEANCE by Isabella Starling


HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!

Carter Knight loves being in control. Everywhere. He is notorious for his conquests and is known to be a wicked ruthless man. He has never been weak for anything, certainly not a woman. Then Evangeline comes strutting in with her sinful body and pure eyes and he can’t help but thoroughly ruin her.

Evangeline has only one purpose; to bring down wrath upon the man who ruined her family. When the same man makes her his new toy, Evangeline gets tangled in a wen of lies, lust and wrath. She can’t sort her feelings from her plans and now her life lies in the hands of Master Carter.

God this was so intense I was sweating through 90% of this story. I cannot believe Isabella went there. *raunchy wink* I am still recovering from the events of this book because holy hotness the story was unreal.

Carter is a difficult man to please. I mean I wanted to punch him a little but goodness that devil could be sweeter than sugar and still be the gravest sinner. He is not an easy man to like but I love anti-heroes and basically live for them so obviously I was down for whatever shit Carter pulled. #bless

The sex were pretty intense, dark and deliciously twisted. This story is not for the faint hearted. Believe me a lot of this will make you squirm and not always in the best way. So if you want to be challenged and shocked and turned on at the same time, definitely go for this book. I LOVED IT!!!

4 Stars!


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First came wrath,
Ruining everything in its path.

She lost it all and wound up alone,
And his life turned his heart into stone.

Daddy taught his girl so well,
And now she’ll have her very own cell.
Her new owner thinks he has a pretty pet,
But his little toy is the real threat.

She’ll make him fall in love so fast
He’ll reveal every detail about his sordid past.
She’ll use it all to make him bleed,
But can a girl like her really succeed?

Be careful when you play these games,
Babygirl, your life might just go up in flames…

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