Review: PANDEMIC SORROW SERIES (1,2,3) by Stevie J. Cole

pandemic sorrow series

Book one follows the life of Rock god Jag Steele the lead singer of Pandemic Sorrow. Fame can can change you, it can taint your soul. That is exactly what happens to Jag.

For me it was hard to read Jag’s story, with the excessive drug use I often wondered how was this guy still alive? When the world is watching you, girls throwing themselves at you, and a record label throwing drugs down your throat how would anyone handle that?

my heart broke for him and I was rooting for him to concur his demons. It was raw and felt real and it was an eye opening read.

Rush –
Book two follows the life of Rush the bassist in Pandemic Sorrow. If there is a stronger word to describe rush other than Manwhore i would use it.

Rush and Jules the manager to the guys have a hot an cold relationship. She can’t be with a guy like him, yet can’t help but want him.

Rush is a sex addict and I liked the idea of him and Jules, but of course the road for them is going to be bumpy. I felt it was a good read and am please with how it ended.

Roxy –
We met Roxy in book one. I loved that she was such a bitch to Jag. He needed someone to put him in his place, and hold him accountable for his actions.

Not going to lie, at first I was concerned about this book because I thought we would get a lot of repeats from the first book, but I was wrong. Not only did I love to see things from Roxy’s POV, but I loved hearing her story and struggles. Also seeing her struggles with Jag was heart breaking at times and I really felt for her.

all three books I would give 4 stars.



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Three-in-one rocker boxset.

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. The life of a rocker is gritty, and for the boys of Pandemic Sorrow, it’s exhausting. Their existence is one of sleepless nights, binges with drugs, and the daunting task of pleasing women…lots and lots of women. Life is one endless party, and for both Jag and Rush, it’s a path of utter self-destruction.

Warning: Jag and Rush are from a male point of view, and are very…male. They are vulgar and explicit and may have to work their way through a few fans before they find a woman who can tame these rocker’s inner whore. All books contain explicit language and sexual situations.

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