Review: EDGE OF REGRET by Molly E. Lee

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A second chance romance unlike any other!!

Wade Roberts is the stunt – double for Hollywood’s latest million dollars action thriller. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and he is sure he’ll nail it like all his other jobs. What he didn’t anticipate was the love of his life working on the same film. The same woman who left him behind to never look back, the one who broke his heart to pieces. The problem is he’s still in love with her but he also knows he cannot go through the same heart break all over again.

Mackenzie Patterson’s dreams cost her everything, from the love of her life to her entire team. Her nights are filled with nightmares about her teams’ death and her days racked with guilt. Getting through each day is a hardship but she’s trying. Seeing the pain on Wade’s face everyday doesn’t help her situation. Avoiding him is not an option not when he’s the only one keeping her sane.

This was my first book by Molly Lee and God what a great story. I LOVE action thrillers mixed with romance and this book was the perfect mix of both. My heart broke for Wade and Mackenzie. All the heart break and pain just made me want to cry and hug these two.

Wade And Mackenzie were absolute badasses. Such strong characters with exceptional development. They were strong people who didn’t let anything break them. They saved each other made made the other whole. TOO MANY FEELING! I adore this story and now I’m a Molly E Lee fan FOR LIFE.

4 Stars!


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Leading man on the new E.D.G.E. series reality show? Check.

Stunt-double for the star in the latest, multi-million-dollar funded military movie? Check.

Work with a sexy female military expert? Holy hell, check.

When I signed on to do stunts for Hollywood’s eagerly awaited war-thriller, I thought it would be like every other gig—go in, try not to get killed, and leave with a fat check and an adrenaline rush. This time? Not so much.

Mackenzie Patterson is the on-set expert. She knows topographical layouts, government lingo, speaks four languages, and is one of the best explosive disposal leaders the Air Force has ever seen, so she’s more than qualified.

She’s also the woman who turned my teenage heart to ash.

I can’t ignore the darkness that has appeared in her eyes, or the urge I have to take it away.

Quitting isn’t an option, but the more I see her, the more I want to make her mine. And that can never happen because our past is twisted with heartbreak, hate, and regret.

Every second I spend with her is a battle between holding on to the anger in my heart—and giving in to the love that never left.



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