Pre-Order!! DR. ER by Max Monroe

I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I just fainted from this teaser alone!


Max Monroe sure knows how to entice their readers! If this tantalizing snippet is correct, then anticipation DOES strengthen desire. ‘Cause I am craving me some Dr. Scott Shepard like you wouldn’t believe!

Dr. ER releases in 2 days, so pre-order your copy today!

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Amazon UK:
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The word ‘serious’ isn’t in Dr. Shepard’s vocabulary—at least not when it comes to relationships. He has all of the serious and drama he needs on the floor of the Emergency Department at St. Luke’s Hospital.

But when feisty, first-class flirt Harlow Paige comes into his ER, he might contract something he’s never encountered.

Look out, Scott…

Love is contagious.


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