Review: ONE IS A PROMISE by Pam Godwin

one is a promise

I want to scream and shout and cry!!!!!

Cole broke all his promises to her.

Trace has the power to break her.

Between two men who own every part of her how can she ever choose one? Lies have the power to tear lives apart and the ones that tangle the lives of Trace, Cole and Danni have catastrophic consequences. The road ahead is painful and it has all just started.

OHMYGOD?!?! okay so I knew I should have been prepared for that and everything but???? My heart hurts for all of them. I swear I have never gasped louder than I did when Trace did that thing. I was crying I swear.

The story was so so good. The writing was flawless. Pam Godwin always leaves me an emotional mess and I can’t get enough of it. The perfect combination of angst, raw passion and unbridled love. This series owns me. OWNS ME!!! I know I know I am being very very vague but it’s better to go blind. The experience would be unparalleled and JUST GOD!!!!

I am so in LOVE with Trace I can’t form proper words to describe how amazing he is. Like I love LOVE a jerk but Trace is probably topnotch when it comes to being a manipulative sob and I FREAKING LOVED IT. His whole hot and cold, stay away come to me thing made me want him more. That’s crazy but it’s 100% true.

5 Stars!


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One promise.

One forever.

One look and I knew Cole was mine. My dark rebel in leather. My powerhouse of passion, devastating smiles, and impulsiveness.

When his job sends him overseas, he promises to return to me.

A promise that’s destroyed in the most irrevocable way.

Two years later, an arrogant suit invades my heartbroken loneliness.

Clean-cut and stern, Trace is everything Cole wasn’t.

At first, he’s a job that will rescue my dance company. But as he intrudes on my life, our hostile relationship evolves.

He knows I’m still in love with Cole, but his dedication is my undoing.

Then a catastrophic moment changes everything.

Promises resurface.

Lies entangle.

And an impossible choice shatters my world.

I love two men, and I can only have one.

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