New Release – DR. OB by Max Monroe


You might want to just get rid of your panties now, because they’ll be ruined once you meet Dr. Will Cummings! Hot, Hot, HOT!!!


DR. OB by Author Max Monroe is LIVE!!!

…another deliciously naughty and sexy romcom, book one in their new St. Luke’s Docuseries Series! Grab your copy now…because TRUST ME, you WANT to read this book!


9 out of 10 doctors recommend Dr. OB…No. You know what? F*ck it. TEN OUT OF TEN doctors, including Dr. Will Cummings himself, recommend this book to just about everyone and their mothers.
Unless said someone and their mothers dislike a little dirty mouthed fun, some creative swearing, laughing so hard they lose bladder control, and awkwardly adorable meet-cutes between two unforgettable characters.
But honestly, if you and your mother don’t like that stuff, you probably shouldn’t read any of our books.
Disclaimer for the disclaimer: If you’re feeling the doctor groove and getting ready to get your motherfluffing read on (everybody get your motherfluffling read on, what!…tell us you can hear the music too), make sure you’ve got an empty lane ahead. Once you start reading about Will and Melody, we promise…you won’t want to stop.

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