Review: We Said Forever by Marie James

we said forever

Intensely emotional, gripping, and heart wrenching!

We Said Forever completely wrecked me! The raw emotions conveyed and life challenges these characters went through was so undeniably powerful, I have not been able to stop thinking about this book since I finished! I was about 35% into the story and so much had happened up to that point, it made me really wonder what could possibly happen next. And goodness gracious, SO much happened after that point, that my heart and mind were at a constant battle with each other. From happiness to anger, from the feelings of betrayal to loyalty, and from pain to unconditional love. This story pulls you in and consumes you, and makes you thoroughly invested with everything that happens right along with the characters.

I could go on and on and reveal spoilers about this book. But that would completely ruin the entire reading experience. This is the type of story that you dive head first into; a story where you’ll feel like you’re floating on the waves of pure joy, until it drags you down into it’s dark depths, drowning you in it’s vast ocean of despair.

I have read Marie James’ books before, but nothing could prepare me for We Said Forever. This book is without a doubt one of the best books I’ve ever read, and the story will stick with me forever.

Unequivocal love and respect for this book; 5+ Stars!


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Rock bottom.

They say the only way to go from there is up, but what is “up” when you’re born into someone else’s rock bottom?

At ten, football became my first love. It’s what got me out of the house away from my self-destructive family. My love for football landed me at Las Vegas University with a full ride scholarship, and the orange on my jersey was my favorite color…until my eyes landed on the red dress Fallyn wore the night we met.

At twenty-one, I jumped off the cliff into the unknown the second Fallyn McIntyre danced in my arms at a party. I had the greatest girl in the world and the opportunity to play college ball every Saturday. My rock bottom was looking up, thanks to my two first loves.

Parties, sex, and football—life was perfect. But one drink too many, and my world came crashing down. When I chose pills over my second love, my head told me it was the best decision I ever made. The pills keep me warm and protect me from the distance Fallyn created. Percs don’t judge me. They make me feel alive.


They say the best things come in threes, but one leads to a stable future, one is my salvation, and the other drags me to hell—a hell I’d willingly burn in for eternity…if it weren’t for my second love.

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